Custom STEM Learning

Scandent Learning provides individual and small-group instruction in STEM topics, focusing on hands-on, inquiry-based, and experiential learning. Specific topics will be chosen based on student and parent interests, and the skills and abilities of the students.

This program is aimed at home-schooling students but is available to all. This can be a great way to supplement the STEM learning your child is receiving in school, especially if your school doesn’t have the resources for a well-rounded lab science, technology, engineering, maker or tinkering program.

If you are interested in custom STEM learning for your students, please contact me.


Home-school charters and curriculum/class funds – 

Scandent Learning is a Vendor with Visions Charter School and is in the process of getting approved as a provider with a number of local charter schools. If you’re interested in using your charter funds you cover your class fee for Scandent Science Lab, please contact Rae Goodman-Lucker.